Equicoaching is a methode which brings a targeted change in a proces with impact on short and long term
By exercises next to a horse in combination with coaching skills

When we analyse this sentence we see a few keywords. The first word is “METHODE”
Therapy with horses have a structure , a construction with help from horses and the Equicoach
The conversations/lessons are build up in a way that the coachee find the answers and solutions him/her self

Target focused
This a very importend focus for the equicoach
The targets are given by the participant, and he/she find the solutions him/her self
The equicoach is responsible for the proces and not for the result
In every session there are clear targets set. The equicoach guide the coachee to these targets

The honest and spontaneous reaction of the horse ,makes the coachee think about his/her behaviour ,thinking,feeling and acting .
After this powerful confrontation with him or her self he participant is exploring new solutions and possibilities .
The participant is experimenting with new thoughts , behaviours and acting in which the horse gives again a honest and justified spontaneous reaction.
The solution, the new behaviour , the new positive thoughts and feelings of the participant are rewarded by the horse by very positive acting of the horse
This result with the horse is for the participant very surprising very powerful and emotional

Next to the horse
This is a must for the equicoach
When a person sits on(ride) a horse there are a lot of rules of engagement
Next to the horse the participant can do what he/she wants and the horse will give the justified reaction
Is the coachee on the horse with his/her emotions and behaviour it wil be without any doubt a unsafe/dangerous situation
On every action of the participant the horse will give a respond
And every action has a meaning within the coaching
The participant decide , the coach observes , gives feedback and pay a lot of attention for the safety of people and horse.

And last you see “Coaching skills”
Only exercersis with the horse is not the right way to guide a participant , no , he or she needs professional guidance .
Guidance in full respect for coach , participant and horse , this asks for some techniques and skills

The “now” is important in this , being curious for the thinking ,feeling , doing , persuading and self-esteem of the participant
Let the participant discover these items him/herself , make him/her aware of these ,without judgement.
Equicoaching is a combination of exercises next to the horse and coaching skills , the coach guide the participant to the targets and solutions without any judgement

Equicoaching is a route to:
* Discover yourself
* change old habits and interaction patterns
* to feel , know your own power , feelings and possibilities
* to experience what one can do to empower change of
*to create a positive self-esteem

Some of the thema’s in what participants found solutions, and practise them with succes in there nowadays life
  • Creating borders
  • I am allowed to be
  • Being perfect
  • Burn out
  • Bullying
  • Depression
  • Post traumatic stress syndrome
  • Stress

The Horse is a mirror to your soul. Sometimes you might not like what you see. Sometimes you will.